Blog Post 1: Who Are We?


Who Are We?


Founded by Harvard undergraduates, Dreamporte is a non-profit organization providing educational enrichment programs to expose students to various cultures, global issues, and the natural world. We use 360° virtual experiences, accompanied by hands-on activities, to create a more immersive environment that betters learning. Our programs aim to enhance students’ understanding of the world, surround them with role models, and inspire them to love the world and dream big.


After running both a successful pilot program with DCF kids and an after school enrichment at Rindge Upper School in Cambridge, we now set our eyes on broader targets. This summer we are on track to use our newly designed curriculum and teaching staff at summer schools in the Boston area. While teaching kids, we will be learning ourselves. We will better our understanding of the shortcomings and advantages of our material, and from there we will further sharpen this educational tool. Which brings us nicely to our next point.


Why Blog?


This blog is dual-purposed. The primary purpose of the blog is to create a dialogue between the Dreamporte team and all of you: the teachers, administrators, tech heads, parents, students, wanderers, ponderers, innovators, and everything in between. We started this company to empower you to provide experiences to your students, so we want to make it better for you and more widely accessible for people like you. We invite you to follow and direct our growth. If you have any comments or ideas or critiques, please either comment on the blog or email us directly at  or fill out this quick survey. Your thoughts will make a better program, which we hope you yourself will one day use.


The secondary purpose is to spread the word of how we are using VR for t. We want everyone – especially those who can use it – to see how this product is affecting actual students. Our student reviews thus far have been outstanding, and it is exciting to see kids who are excited about learning. If you or someone you know wants Dreamporte in a classroom, after-school program, summer camp, or any other educational setting, let us know on this form. We are always ready for new places to start making an impact.


Keep Dreaming,

The Dreamporte Team


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