One Week Down

Midway through July, our first week of sessions at Burke has come to a close. It has been a blast going to Burke and seeing how well Carly (a substitute teacher who often works at Burke) worked with the students using our program. The kids have already shown us in surveys and in reactions that virtual reality has a place in the classroom.

On Monday we started our time at Burke with a lesson on land biomes. The kids loved using the VR sets and the lesson as a whole. One student in particular, who Carly said was usually quiet, was very involved in the discussion and activities. That was great to see.

Our second course of the week, which ran on Thursday, was about marine biomes. We ran multiple stations where students watched videos and considered questions about their VR experience and hypothesized possible answers. And while surveys are a good way to know the VR is effective which we are doing for each lesson, we found that hearing kids gasp at a quickly approaching great white shark is equally effective.

The kids weren’t the only ones learning. Our team here at Dreamporte has learned plenty about how to plant our program at new schools. We have been around to help with any technical difficulties there were and observe Dreamporte in motion, but Carly has been running the show. After reading through our curriculum with her, we made a few minor changes that she thought would make the material more conveyable to the students. For example, we made sure to implement more moving and drawing for our lesson on Thursday. We are learning the importance of flexibility in our curriculum and have found that what we have written is already fairly flexible.

This week we expect the return of the full-time teacher, Alisa, but are expecting to still see Carly in the classroom helping out as well. It should be another good week with plenty to learn from. Stay tuned.


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